“I just can't get off the tutorials.”

React is Frustrating

Even after sifting through countless tutorials and videos, you still can’t cobble together your own app.

It’s maddening.

One second you’re nodding along, sure that you understand. The next, you’re staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to type.

a frustrating editor screen saying 'why why why'

Knowledge is Slippery

Not only is there a ton of stuff to learn – React, Redux, Router, AJAX, Webpack, etc etc etc – but retaining that knowledge is even harder. Tutorial knowledge is like a mirage, fading away right when you try to use it.

The best way to make it stick?

Practice building lots of little apps. With a bit of practice, you can build some awesome stuff with modern front end tools like React, the Context API, and Redux.

I’ve put together a series of courses, both free and paid, to help you level up with React.

Learn the basics in 5 days

Take this free 5-day email course to learn the basics of React.

Pure React

My book on React will take you from complete beginner to being able to build apps on your own. My favorite thing about it? It boils down React to the core essentials – just React – without all the libraries.

Pure React cover

Learn React, without
all the libraries.

Redux Basics

This guide to Redux has helped a ton of people get unstuck, and if you’re using Redux in you apps (or planning to) it’s a must-read!

Available as a blog post, but you can sign up to get it as a course (free!).

The Basics of Redux, for Beginners

Pure Redux

My comprehensive course on building apps with React and Redux covers everything. Starting from the basics of how Redux works, and how to work with immutability, the first module gets you going.

In the second module we build a complete app from scratch, with React + Redux, Reach Router, API calls, authentication, and even role-based access control. I recommend understanding React before taking this course.

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Learn Redux & build an app