Learn the basics of React in 5 days

“I just can't get off the tutorials.”

React is Frustrating

Even after sifting through countless tutorials and videos, you still canโ€™t cobble together your own app.

Itโ€™s maddening.

One second youโ€™re nodding along, sure that you understand. The next, youโ€™re staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to type.

a frustrating editor screen

Knowledge is Slippery

Not only is there a ton of stuff to learn โ€“ React, Redux, Router, AJAX, Webpack โ€“ but retaining that knowledge is tricky. Tutorial knowledge is fleeting.

The best way to make it stick?

Practice building tiny little apps. Not even apps โ€“ experiments โ€“ to test and develop your new knowledge in small, isolated sandboxes.

But thenโ€ฆ where do you start? What, specifically, should you learn, and in what order?

Learn by Doing

My free email course will guide you through the first steps in learning React.

  • Why you donโ€™t need to learn Redux, Router, and the rest
  • How to translate your ideas into working React components
  • Exercises to reinforce your learning

Here are what people are saying:

I was confused with what I had learned thus far with React and the 5 day email course brought everything into focus.

The way you approach React is definitely the best Iโ€™ve seen so far!

Thank you for breaking down everything and explaining each and every doubt that comes to the mind!

The exercises were excellent and if anything I would appreciate more as thatโ€™s where I found myself understanding.

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