“I just can’t get off the tutorials.”

React is Frustrating

Even after sifting through countless tutorials and videos, you still can’t cobble together your own app.

It’s maddening.

One second you’re nodding along, sure that you understand. The next, you’re staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to type.

a frustrating editor screen

Knowledge is Slippery

Not only is there a ton of stuff to learn – React, Redux, Router, AJAX, Webpack – but retaining that knowledge is tricky. Tutorial knowledge is fleeting.

The best way to make it stick?

Practice building tiny little apps. Not even apps – experiments – to test and develop your new knowledge in small, isolated sandboxes.

But then… where do you start? What, specifically, should you practice, and in what order?

Learn by Doing

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  • Where to go for help when you’re stuck

Here are what a few people have said so far:

The way you approach React is definitely the best I’ve seen so far!

Thank you for breaking down everything and explaining each and every doubt that comes to the mind!

The exercises were excellent and if anything I would appreciate more as that’s where I found myself understanding.

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